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Your AWFUL Video TITLES aren't getting Views (Let's Fix That)

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Your AWFUL Video TITLES aren’t getting Views (Let’s Fix That)
Wrtiting titles that actually win the click is a skill we all constantly work to improve. Some of us struggle more than others so today I give you permission to take a deep breath and rethink how to write a great video title that might actually get more views.

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00:00 How to Write Great YouTube Video Titles
00:26 How Titles & Thumbnails work together
01:12 Leveraging Curiosity or Information gaps
02:12 Using compelling keywords to trigger the viewer
02:41 A better way to write a YouTube video title
03:16 Leveraging GAIN in your video title
03:37 Leveraging FEAR in a video title
04:25 Don’t keyword stuff your video titles
05:08 Use Keywords effectively in your video title
05:46 Combine Curiosity and Gain to drive more views
06:14 A tool to help you create better video titles
07:27 Don’t be afriad to change your video title


47 thoughts on “Your AWFUL Video TITLES aren't getting Views (Let's Fix That)”

  1. good video daniel but it can go to far theres a gaming chnnel that does 7 things your doing wrong in x game , he comes over as ell smug people play games for reasons not to be told there doing something wrong and while yes he gets 1-2 million views hes only got 300-400k subscribers

  2. I have a video that I stopped editing. I can't figure out a title…which leads to deeper thoughts of What am I trying to say here?…and How can I be straight to the point with my message?….and all that leads even deeper to the time my mother dropped me on my head as a child. (It's okay…..I had a hockey helmet on and Mom won the bet with her friend).

    Still, the video is stuck as I try to figure out the title. The stuck video list is very long at this point. I have at least a dozen in the works. My goal is not just another boring video, no my goal is not to make such a boring video that it gets deemed lethal and hurts somebody. Back to work….
    Postscript. yes, I bought the Three Comments for the Price of One package for today's video.

  3. I so lost my $hit, 1:22 "Who's G": The first 10 lines of what people are searching for destroyed me! Thanks for always helping people out on their journey Daniel, your insight helps make some important concepts really engageable! Stay safe, eat well have fun! πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ€ πŸ¦˜πŸ€Ώ

  4. Daniel, I have a question not related to this video. My 1st question is, have you already done a filmora video about removing reflection or glare on glasses in a video?? 2nd question. Is this even possible? I primarily use filmora 11 and HitFilm Pro. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance. -James

  5. You missed the fact that titles and thumbnails often have to work in tandem. "This is not yellow" means nothing by itself. Only with that thumbnail did it get millions of views.

  6. Titles are my last nut to crack. I feel like I've made a lot of progress with my intros and thumbnails recently, but think very literally about titles and I prefer clever over clear and compelling, or boring matter-of-fact titles. Thanks for the advice!

  7. Please weigh in about "chapters" or timestamps. I notice that you don't do it. Sometimes, I don't watch a video if their timestamps tell me everything I want to know without actually watching it. Should we avoid trying to "help" our audience with this info?

  8. Great info and something we should all pay more attention too!
    Side note you seemed much more serious(less energy) in this video….I felt like it was one of those "tonight on a very special episode of Daniel Batal" πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

  9. I just found my phone I thought I lost years ago. Your channel came up when I clicked YouTube. Your content even better than I remember. Excellent videos!❀
    Happy to see you!
    Cindy formally Gma Lolly

  10. Thank you for this video. I thought I knew how to write good titles, but after using the Headline Studio, Title Writing Tool, I realized that my titles could be better. That tool is amazing and really does give good suggestions on improving titles with word banks that have made my titles sound better. Even the ones that I thought were winners have been improved to my ears after using that tool.

  11. Just found you. You are the Sammy Hagar of youtube!!! Definitely will be scheduling a 90 min session with you in the next 30 days. Love your logo too. It's your initials but also looks like twig and berries. LOL. Talk soon. – Mitch Meyotch

  12. I find it extremely difficult with titles. AND lately I get again totally ignored by Youtube. I can see that my videos are not recommended anywhere, not shown any where. Yet, they are not worse than before, on the contrary I have better retention views (is it called that) with every video, I manage to keep my audience interested a few percentage longer for every video. But I am far down in a very dark rabbit hole. Why is that?

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