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YouTube Ads vs Facebook Ads (Which is BETTER?)

Facebook ads Or YouTube ads. After spending over $4,000,000 across both platforms I have the answer for you and where you should focus your marketing efforts right now with your online business.

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0:00 – Intro
0:22 – What I’ve Tried & Tested
1:19 – My Answer
1:49 – Facebook Pros & Cons
3:20 – The Big Problem With Facebook
4:33 – YouTube Pros & Cons
5:20 – The Most Important Thing To Focus On
5:56 – Targeting On YouTube
7:26 – Learn More About Advertising

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8 thoughts on “YouTube Ads vs Facebook Ads (Which is BETTER?)”

  1. Jon, your content is awesome. Each video is a masterclass! Thanks so much for teaching this for free. I have a question about webinars… which platform do you use for webinars?

  2. I like how these people giving other's advice have like barely any subscribers. Meaning they are full of 💩. Preying on gullible. I don't know why this was recommended.

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