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YouTube Premium: Is it worth it..?

Is YouTube Premium worth it? It’s not just ad free YouTube videos you get access to, there’s a bunch of other YouTube Premium benefits. Find out if we think the subscription is worth the money right now…

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YouTube Premium:

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00:00 YouTube Premium: Is it worth it..?
00:23 YouTube Premium Pricing
00:50 YouTube Without Ads?
01:40 YouTube Premium Music
02:04 YouTube Originals
02:36 Download YouTube Videos
03:12 YouTube Background Play
04:10 4K Videos On YouTube Premium Only?
04:37 Is YouTube Premium Worth it?
05:22 YouTube Premium Monetization
06:22 The ONE Tool that Runs my LIFE…

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— Is a YouTube Premium Subscription Worth It? —

Also known as YouTube Red, this is one of my favorite subscriptions. You might think the benefits of YouTube Premium just comes down to the ability to watch YouTube with no ads. But there are some other awesome YouTube Premium features as well!

If you’re wondering ‘What is YouTube Premium?’ – it’s a YouTube subscription that gives you access to YouTube Music, the YouTube Originals series, the ability to download YouTube videos and more. Plus the YouTube Premium cost is fairly low given all the great features you get access to.

In this complete YouTube Premium review I’ll cover the top YouTube Premium benefits so you can make a fully informed decision about whether this subscription is right for you. If you’re on the fence, you can always do a YouTube Premium free trial and go from there!

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37 thoughts on “YouTube Premium: Is it worth it..?”

  1. I drive a lot, and I prefer to listen to videos like this one. I put them in a Playlist, and having premium means I don't have to dangerously fiddle with my phone to skip ads while I'm driving. It's absolutely perfect!

  2. It's worth it to me, because I don't watch television at all. YouTube is literally my "TV" service and with premium, I NEVER have commercial interruptions! Totally worth it.

  3. I accidentality ran YouTube without being logged in the other day, and remembered how many ads I used to have to skip through and how it was almost impossible to watch a video, so I could never go back.
    One problem with YT Music however is the system that tries to decide what playlist is video and what is music does not always work well.
    I would like to be able to manually designate my playlists as Music or Video.

  4. Hell yeah I have YouTube Premium. Been subscribed to it ever since it was first introduced as YouTube Red and I did it solely to get rid of the ads. I've been without YouTube ads for so long, I sometimes forget that there are ads on the platform that I'm completely bypassing.

  5. I'm a subscriber and small time creator. We have the family package and for us it's been a great decision. We've cancelled some previous music streaming services which helped the decision. Interesting to see where paying to watch 4K content goes (I do upload in 4K)
    There's definitely a new level of enjoyment watching YouTube without breaks 👍👍

  6. I recently started yt channel and i posted 4 videos but when i search my channel from another account it shows only 1 video but when i open the channel it shows all 4 videos..there is problem in video count how can i solve this issue….??

  7. How do I use YouTube handles as a Creator to increase my presence and my traffic? Thanks . As a Creator I get higher chances to get videos recommended if my channel is premium I guess.

  8. I might be in the minority that doesn't mind ads. some are actually informative or pleasant to watch. but I wld definitely pay for YT access if it ever became a paid service. Im a fan user and creator (with another small channel) and the experience is always very satisfying.

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