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YouTube Shorts: The Complete Guide (UPDATED 2022!)

The UPDATED guide to YouTube Shorts! Here’s how to upload YouTube Shorts (on mobile & desktop), Shorts monetization info and useful YouTube Shorts app recommendations!

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Recommended YouTube Shorts Apps:

Filming Apps:
► iPhone:
► Android:

► Filmic Pro:
► Open Camera:

Editing Apps:
► Android:
► iPhone & iPad:
► CapCut:
► VN Video Editor:
► Lumafusion:

Other Apps:
► How to Transcribe Audio for Videos:

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► iPhone:
► Android:

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00:00 YouTube Shorts: The Complete Guide
00:17 What are YouTube Shorts
01:04 How to Find YouTube Shorts
02:47 How to Create YouTube Shorts on Mobile
09:03 How to Remix or Repurpose your Own YouTube Shorts
10:21 How to Remix Someone Else’s YouTube Shorts
13:01 How to Upload YouTube Shorts on Mobile
13:46 How to Upload YouTube Shorts on Desktop
15:31 YouTube Shorts Analytics
16:05 YouTube Monetization
17:27 Smartphone Video Tips

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— How to Make a YouTube Short (Complete Beginner Guide!) —

YouTube Shorts have been around for a little while now and YouTube has since made some big changes to the way they work. So we thought it was time for an UPDATED YouTube Shorts guide.

We’ll give you the rundown on everything from how to upload YouTube Shorts in the app and on desktop to YouTube Shorts monetization and analytics. If you’ve got questions about the time limit, size ratio, hashtags or the YouTube Shorts fund – this video will provide some answers!

And just in case you’re wondering ‘what are YouTube Shorts?’ – they’re YouTube’s answer to TikTok videos. They are short, vertical videos that are easy to consume on mobile devices.

In this complete YouTube Shorts tutorial, we’ll cover everything you need to know including how to make YouTube Shorts videos and some awesome tips to help you drive more views and subscribers!

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46 thoughts on “YouTube Shorts: The Complete Guide (UPDATED 2022!)”

  1. Is VIDEO content uploaded to Youtube shorts protected from sampling and use? Does the protection of the video we upload on shorts differ from our long form content? I'm having trouble finding this information. Will youtubes copyright protection tool seek out and find footage that has been taken and used without permission from our Youtube shorts?

  2. Anyone know how to fix the no volume control for short? By volume I mean the volume option to balance original video volume & chosen music volume. Android users are experiencing that volume option as missing.

  3. Any idea why the "create" option doesn't show up in my YT app? I'm trying to create a short from one of my regular YT videos on both Android and iOS but neither seems to have that option in the app.

  4. I have a question. If I'm making normal videos and want to do shorts. Should my shorts be entirely different topics? For example let's say I make a 10 minute video on a top ten list. Should I also make a short version of that said thing? Or should I make sure my shorts content are totally different topics and content?

  5. Thanks for this full insight about short Justin! Before I post shorts, I uploaded videos 2x a week and my channel was growing slowly. Since I started posting more shorts, I can see my subscribers increase as well as view. Thanks again 🙏❤️

  6. I was hoping to see how to use a clip taken from a gaming video, because I believe you have to transfer it to vertical orientation, as Shorts are normally filmed on a phone, whereas gaming videos are landscape. Is it straight forward to convert it. What I want to do is take some clips from my own videos and make some Shorts to try and get more viewers etc onto my long form videos. Also, if a video is vertical and less than 60 seconds, is it automatically made a Short? Anyone with any tips and help would be appreciated. I use Adobe Premier Pro.

  7. প্লিজ স্যার আমার ফেসবুক পোস্ট গুলো ডিলিট করে ফেলেছি এখন আমি কিভাবে ফিরিয়ে আনব

  8. Excellent vid on shorts – thank you! Would love to hear more about your strategy for using shorts, best practices for ranking and recommended frequency of use compared to standard vids. Thank you for all the info!

  9. I have a general question. I have a Zhiyun Smooth 5 gimbal and a Galaxy S-22 phone. Recently Filmic pro went on a subscription basis. I have the app, but for updating, I have to pay monthly. what other apps do you suggest for me? Thanks

  10. Why would anyone want to watch a video that does not completly fill the screen? My monitor is a 55 inch plasma television. I like 1920 by 1080 videos. If shorts were in this format I would watch based on the content of the video. If they do not fill my screen I am not interested. YouTube should add a feature to allow users to up scale shorts to large screen formats.

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